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  • 21 March 2024
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I’m asking this question on behalf of a user who’s having trouble posting to the forum…


Hello Community,

I have recently run into a snag with FME Flow 2023.2.1 Build 23774 -win64

We are trying to build an FME Flow using a high availability SQL Server and I am stuck at the last step..

I have followed the steps posted on-line and now want to remove the Postgres database dependencieS. Yes there are 2 not just one.

I have stopped and disabled the database dependency on the FME Server Core Service as described:

I ran in Administrator command window  sc config "FME Server Core" depend= /

It removed that dependency.

The question is, there is still a dependency on the database by the FME Server Application Server service.


I am sure i will have more questions as I try to complete the process, but let’s start with this one.


Eric Storie

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