Reading RGB from ZFS Pointcloud

  • 14 June 2024
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I got an ZFS Pointcloud (here) with integrated RGB colors. These are greytones (concrete) and visible in Autodesk Recap. From Recap i can export the PointClound to an e47 file and the colors are still included.

But i got over 1’000 files, so I want to convert them with FME. 

With the ZFS Reader i can load the PointClound, filter it with the header information as decribed in the help (reflection), but the color is missing. Regarding the help, FME can read the color from an color file, linked in one of the header information, but I got no such files, the colors are integrated. 

How can I get access to these RGB values (color_red, color_green, color_blue)?


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Hi @thomasmarti thanks for your question. I’ve spoken to the devs and it’s hard to say where the color is coming from, and perhaps Recap is generating it itself. If the color is simply a ramp associated to the elevation of the points you could also apply this within FME as seen in this blog:

I’ve submitted a ticket for us to investigate and improve our libraries for the ZFS reader, but it may or may not help with the color issue you’re having. (FMEENGINE-83192)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi @evieatsafe thanks for your support. I already tried to convert the “intensity” value to RGB  colors, but I couldn’t find any formula that fits.

Recap does not create an own color, the greytones visible in Recap are the representation of the surface, in this case concrete walls and struktures of the sewerage manholes.

I’ll try to contact the support of Zoller + Fröhlich, the provider of the format.