generated hatch has no area in autocad?

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Dear fellas,


Someone created an FME-workbench for me to input a DWG with lines, and output an DWG with all hatches.


However, when looking in the hatch properties in the generated DWG, this hasn't got an area. BUT, when I click once on a grabpoint, deselect, and select the hatch again, it DOES give me an area. Autocad tellls me the problem is within FME and there's no tricks in autocad to avoid this needed click. Because seems like Autocad doesn't realize the hatch exists, untill its clicked once, till then, the area is never calculated.


Any way to solve this problem? cause select something like a thousand hatches, click them, deselect, and select again takes a lot of time. generating all the boundaries at once isn't a solution because there's islands in the hatches.


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FME doesn't write every possible attribute to dwg and Autocad needs to create some of them when you first open the file.

If you save, close and reopen the dwg file everything should be there. Just like selecting, deselecting and selecting again.

It's a feature not a bug 😎

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Wish it was this easy but its not. Saving and stuff doesn't help. but neither does selecting. The thing I described was more like 'editing' without actually editing it, you grab a point, but don't place it somewhere else.


Suprises me there's no answer to this question. Am i really the first one with this problem???

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Having the same issue with Hatches in a DWG exported from FME.


Autocad is notoriously picky about calculating hatch areas, it will run the calculations in on selection rather than when opening the file. There must be something in how FME is writing the polygon features to that makes AutoCAD ignore area calculations.


In my testing i've tried using the DWGStyler and few other configurations without success...


If anyone has a solution that would be great!

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An update to a bit of an older thread but for anyone still following this one, I'm pleased to share that this issue, tracked internally as (FMEENGINE-62108), has recently been resolved for the FME 2024 beta, which is available in our beta downloads.


In FME 2024 and newer, you should be able to write out hatches to AutoCAD in a way that the area calculation will be readily visible when viewed in AutoCAD. Please feel free to give that a run and let me know if you have any feedback on it!


(FYI @sveurink​, @kelvin.jenkins​, @caracadrian​ )