Combine so only a single row for each discipline feature.

  • 19 October 2023
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Hi there,


This one is fairly simple, I want to combine so the duplicate count is on a single row for each discipline feature:



should look like:


Duplicate Unique

Rail Track and Civil 40 22


I've tried aggregator and attributepivot and haven't quite got it across the line!




5 replies


***Formatting was lost, should look like:



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This approach can be more efficient, but for the sake of explaining i've left it a bit clearer....

  • split the data into two branches, one for unique and one for duplicate (use a tester)
  • Create a new field called unique for the unique branch and set the value as the count. Do the same for the duplicate branch
  • Using an aggregator, set group by as the discipline and make sure its set to aggregate all fields

Thanks a bunch, I've just encountered this issue with the aggregator (I've isolated the issue to happen just after it runs).


I've noticed an issue with the aggregator settings: the "non-outlier" value is appearing in the outlier column. Can you help clarify this? I believed I set it up correctly, but I'm still new to aggregators.


Scaled version of workbench attached.




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you've got two features with values in the 'outlier' field, so its taking the value of the first feature in and using that. As I can't see what the raw data is, i'm assuming the outlier field already exist in the input data.


Probably easiest to rename the outlier branch to something different, 'outlier_agg' for example, then after the aggregator rename it back to 'outlier'


thanks, this was very helpful.