reading dynamic AutoCAD blocks properly

  • 7 March 2024
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Hi everyone ,

I have dynamic doors in my dwg AutoCAD file :

If I click on the small arrow the door changes direction , and the big arrow changes the size of the door 

I want to read on fme the default position and size of the door , just like a normal static door. 

But here is how the DWG Reader reads it : 


 Any Insight is much appreciated !


2 replies

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Hi @yagami9,

Would you be able to try enabling on the AutoCAD reader Feature Type(s), under the Format Attributes tab, autocad_entity_visibility? If you want FME to appear as it does in AutoCAD, please try adding a Tester to the reader after enabling the reader attribute and test for autocad_entity_visibility = visible.

Does that get you the door instance output that you were expecting?


If this filtering doesn’t output the way you expected, would it be possible to share a small sample dataset (such as just an instance of the door dynamic block in the orientation you want it in as a DWG file) and I can take a closer look.

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Hello @jovitaatsafe ! 

Thanks for your reply ,

I tried the filtering you suggested , but it doesn’t work and the result still the same .

here is a sample dwg file of my dynamic doors