Customer transformer converting string to integer

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I am using customer transformers in a work space, but they are converting a string value to integer

The values are 002 and 003, they need to stay this way for the http calls inside the custom transformer but are getting converted to 2 and 3 (without the 00)

As read from db
After entry into the custom transformer

Any thought on how to prevent this?

I would like to have to avoid having do something in each custom transformer to revert the values back to the strings



Best answer by david_r 7 June 2024, 08:27

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You can use a StringFormatter inside your custom transformer if you need leading zeros, e.g. using “03s” as the format string. If you think it’s a bug, I’d recommend you create a small sample workspace to reproduce the issue and submit it at

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Thanks @david_r, I found the StringPadder which does the job easily and I will pop in a bug report, as it looks like unintended behaviour