saving Email parameters on FME flow

  • 27 September 2023
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For an automation running on FME Flow is there a method save the parameters used to send an email? Currently we have many email services set up and are switching email servers around. It would be nice to be able to update the credentials for one source opposed to having to edit the parameters in each automation individually.

2 replies

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This scenario is a great reason to use topics and subscriptions - I'm not that up to speed on Automations (but my colleague @Todd Davis​ is) so i'm talking more from a workbench side (where the same/similar issue arises) You can use a topic notifier to send the email body to the topic, which then passes it through to the subscription(s) listening to that topic. When your email server details change, all you need to do is update the details in the subscription. As none of the details are stored in the workbench (or automation) then you don't need to make any changes there

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As Hamish mentioned, we utilise Notifications (Topic/Subscribers) to handle emails because it gives you one location to set the email settings, rather than setting them in every automation and, as you have discovered, having to update them all when something changes, . There are also several ideas that relate to this, that I provided in 2019 being:



To fix your current issue, I have attached a workspace that will go through your automations and get there content. You can use that to find your emailers, and if necessary, you can add to the process to update the content.