FME Server SSO failed login due to insufficient credentials

  • 30 October 2023
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After FME Flow upgrade from 2022.2.1. to 2023.1 our organization is not able to use login with Windows credentials (Active Directory) anymore. It seems to be similar issue to Known Issue: FME Server SSO failed login due to insufficient credentials (, the error message is Failed login by user YIIJygYGKwYBBQUCoIIJvjCCCbqgMDAu... due to insufficient credentials. We haven't changed the configuration and until now the upgrades to a newer version haven't broken login with Active Directory user.



1 reply

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To clarify, do all users fail to log into FME Flow using their Windows credentials, even when manually typing them in? Or is it just SSO that fails to log in?


For reference, we have troubleshooting guides for both Single Sign-on and Active Directory. I'd recommend running through their initial troubleshooting steps.


There is also a good discussion/solution in the comments on this similar community question about SSO login failures:

In summary, please make double-check the tomcat properties file has the correct configurations to allow FME Flow to be accessible from the browser. Let us know how it goes.