What would cause a Snowflake connection to work on FME Desktop/Form, but hang on FME Server/Flow?

  • 31 May 2024
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I have a snowflake connection that works perfectly on desktop, and most of the time hangs when I push it to FME server. 

My connection to snowflake is a service account with a username and password. I am using the SQL executer transformer to run a query against a table of shipping data in snowflake. I have also tried the workflow with the Snowflake Non-Spatial Reader, and the feature reader.

Running it on desktop is no problem. Just about any query I throw at Snowflake returns data, even up to 700k+ rows. When I publish to server, the job almost always hangs up right at the point where the query is submitted. I say almost because when I shrink the query down to just 1 or 2 records returned, the job will return that data. Based on this information, I am assuming my connection between my FME server and the Snowflake instance is good. Any thoughts as to what could be causing the jobs to hang? 


FME desktop version 2022.2.1

FME server version 2022.2.1

1 reply

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Suggests there may be some networking or firewall limitations between the FME Flow server and Snowflake.

Possibly worth reaching out to you IT/Security team to see if they can see anything on their side causing issues