SDK FME 2024 in C++: files for pointcloud missing

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We use the SDK in C++. When migrating our code to FME 2024, I realized that several files related to pointcloud cannot be found in the new SDK any more.

The only file I can find for pointclouds is pointcloud_fwd.h. But when using an IFMEPointCloud pointer, the declaration cannot be found. The files that I used in earlier versions of FME do not exist any more (ipointcloud.h, ipointcloudblock.h, ...)

Where can I find these declarations now? Is there an example for C++, how the point data of a pointcloud feature can be extracted with the SDK of FME 2024?



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Hello @martin_k, thanks for posting! So sorry we’re encountering this issue. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ve decided to deprecate point cloud support for the C++ SDK (FMEENGINE-77187). I want to apologize further as I do not think we’ve anounced or created a public deprecation notice article, I will file an issue to have one created. 

In the meantime, what were you using this for? We might be able to find alternatives. For example, if you want to extract data, you could try converting it to multipoint or individual points. I realize this is may not ideal, but it would allow you to access the data at the very least. 

Another thought would be to write out to a well-known point cloud format (like LAS) and then extract data from that using a well-known library (such as PDAL). If there is point cloud functionality you're looking for but cannot find or access, please let me know, as we can potentially use this as motivation for expanding out point cloud transformer toolset

Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. Happy to help, Kailin.

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Small update - I’ve added a note to our Deprecations Article.

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Hi Kailin,

thanks for your answer. I think I will find an alternative solution in a way you mentioned (using LAS writer).


Best regards