Salesforce to Snowflake not working for me but is working for coworker running the same workspace. What could be the issue?

  • 4 November 2023
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This workspace is meant to upload salesforce data into our Snowflake account. I created a connection With Snowflake and have my account name as the parameter. When I run the workspace, it gets all the way to the end with no errors but says that the transformation failed. My coworker runs the same workspace (connected to their own Snowflake account, both are under the same company mother account) and it works and uploads the data to Snowflake. I have not found any similar issues while searching online. What could be the issue?

1 reply

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Hard to say without more info, but if the only difference is the connection file accounts I would start looking into that. Temp update the connectionfile account from yours to his, run the workspace. If the problem goes away, your account probably has insufficient rights to do what you need. If the problem does not go away, you need to look further.