"Failed to retrieve feature types." - ArcGIS Portal Feature Service Reader

  • 21 November 2023
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Attempting to read a layer via a Feature Service on Portal. As I am the owner I have the relevant permissions to access the layer, and it also has relevant editing permissions. This is confirmed by being able to edit the layer in Portal itself.


However, when attempting to read in the layer I am met with the error in the question title. I can successfully connect to our portal, and even the Feature Service using the reader - it just fails when attempting to select the layer. See below:

imageI should add that the log does not provide any useful information.


Appreciate that this could be rooted in Portal configuration but any guidance much appreciated!

1 reply

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Hard to tell. Do you have the right URL ending in /portal? Is it authenticating correctly? NLTM seems like an odd choice, have you tried setting up a web connection instead?