Do you use Oracle WebLogic to deploy the FME Server Web Services?

  • 12 September 2019
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Historically, we have allowed our users to manage their own web application server when performing a custom distributed or fault tolerant installation of FME Server.

Both Apache Tomcat and Oracle WebLogic are supported.

While researching improvements regarding process efficiency, there is a proposed change that could affect compatibility with Oracle WebLogic. We would like to understand the potential impact that removing support would have for our users.


What if FME Server no longer supported installing the web services layer to your existing Oracle WebLogic installation?


What impact would this have for you and your organization?


Would you be able to transition to Apache Tomcat – or use the default web application server that we provide (which is Tomcat)?



We would like to understand what the benefits are for you and your organization to use Oracle WebLogic. We would be very hesitant to make any change if we couldn’t support specific needs that WebLogic might provide.

Please add comment to this posting or contact our Technical Experts Team directly (referencing this Q&A posting).


Note: As of this writing FME Server 2019.1.2 (Build 19630) is the current release.

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