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  • 5 February 2024
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Welcome to the Ideas board on the FME Community. This is your space to spark innovation and contribute to the evolution of FME. Here, you can submit your ideas for product improvements, new formats or transformers, integrations, and enhancements to our online spaces. We encourage you to not only post your ideas but also explore and vote on submissions from others. Your votes help us understand which ideas resonate most with our community. Adding comments with use cases to existing ideas is also a great way to have your voice heard! 


Posting an Idea

  1. Search the FME Community for the idea
    • If it already exists, we encourage you to vote for it and add a comment with your use case!
  2. Click Submit Idea
  3. Create Idea
    • A clear title highlighting your idea’s keywords. 
    • Describe your idea briefly, focusing on one idea per submission. 
    • Explain how the idea improves your workflow or use case. 
  4. Share Idea
    • Share your idea with your colleagues or throughout the FME Community on related questions or ideas to help gain votes. 


Please open a support case if you are trying to determine if your idea is related to a bug. If you are looking for help on accomplishing something OR you are wondering if what you are looking for exists, post a question in our Forums


Ideation to Product 


Disclaimer: We strive to reflect idea statuses accurately, but discrepancies may occur. Comment on the idea if you notice a mismatch. 


Feedback on Ideas

Do you disagree with a status change of a closed idea? Open a Support Case with the idea name, URL, and your reasoning.


Please be patient as we refine our process and the new Ideas Board platform. Our system isn't perfect, but we're committed to improving and valuing your contributions.



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