FME Community Gamification Guide

  • 8 February 2024
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In real life, being knowledgeable, helping others, and interacting with society gain you a reputation.

Well, just like in real life, community reputation is a measure of how community members perceive you. FME Community badges are like medals you earn for carrying out certain activities. 

Having more points and badges doesn’t mean you are a better FME user; instead, it shows that you have contributed more to the community and are a more active member.

Please review What is the FME Community and FME Community Guidelines for information on interacting with the FME Community. 

Remember: The more contributions you make, the more reputation and badges you earn, and the more you are recognized by the FME community!


What is Reputation?

Reputation is a measure of your activity in the FME Community. Reputation points are earned by asking and answering questions, by starting or contributing to conversations, and by giving and receiving “likes” for posts.

Reputation is the means used to order users on the leaderboard found on various pages on the site. The leaderboard can show either all time reputation or weekly reputation scores.

Can I earn bonus reputation points?

You certainly can! Currently, there are two ways to earn bonus reputation points.

  1. Watch an FME webinar. When you have watched the webinar, take the code provided and enter it into the “Get Your Webinar Badge” dialog (see below). Not only will you earn a webinar badge, you’ll also earn 15 bonus reputation points.
  2. Answer an unanswered question that is more than 3 days old. By unanswered, we mean “has no replies at all”. Doing so will earn you 10 bonus reputation points.

Of course, you should watch the entire webinar, not just skip to the bonus code. And you should make sure your answer to an unanswered question is actually helpful to the user.


What are Badges?

Badges are earned for activities such as starting conversations, contributing on certain days of the year, and attending real-life FME events or webinars.

Most badges are automatically applied to your account through your actions. However, if you watch a webinar, you can submit the code on the FME Community homepage. 

The badges someone has been awarded can be seen on their profile page and throughout the FME Community. 

You can also view all of the available badges and which ones you have earned by clicking on the List your badges button on the FME Community homepage. 


What kinds of badges can I earn?

There are several different types of badges that can be earned and awarded throughout the FME Community: 


Posting, Answering, and Interacting Badges

These badges are earned by posting new questions and answering questions. 


Webinar Badges

After every Safe Software webinar, there will be a code displayed on the screen. Enter that code to earn a badge. Badges are earned based on how many webinars you have attended. 


Question Topics, Attending Events and Special Day Badges

Answering questions on certain topics, attending an in-person FME event, participating in our FME Community challenges or posting on certain days. 


Retired Badges

Badges in a light blue color were earned on a previous FME Community iteration and are no longer availble to collect. 


Special Badges

There are special badges for FME Community members who were very active in a previous iteration of the FME Community. These were assigned during the FME Community launch and are no longer available. 


Language Badges

If you speak another language, let others know by selecting your langage in your FME Community Profile. This earns you a badge. These badges are for helping other users out, and are not used for reputation points. 


What are Community Ranks?

Ranks are a simplified system of recognition. Your combination of questions, answers, votes, and other factors automatically earn you a specific rank. There are 12 ranks, from Observer up to Superstar. Ranks are denoted on your user profile or when hovering on a user profile photo. 



User Profile Symbols

  • A blue circle symbol means the user is a regular FME Community member. 
  • A green circle symbol means the user works for a Safe partner organization.
  • An orange circle with an S character means the user is a Safe Software employee.
  • Any circle with an M character means the user is a community moderator.


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