Published workspace > workspace app. Won't let me upload data

  • 23 January 2024
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I have a number of workspaces to allow users to convert data between various formats. After upgrading our server to Flow from Server 2023 I had to republish these to get them to work, and for the most part it seems ok. I register each workspace with the job submitter and data download services, and use $(FME_MF_DIR) for temp storage of the uploaded data.


So far so good...


Then there is that one workspace: It is defined the same way as the others, but this will not allow me to select "User Can Upload" when I define the workspace app. The other apps I set up with Service: Data Download and check User Can Upload. For this one workspace the option is not there unless I choose Service: Job Submitter, but then I am not able to download the results.


I can run the workspace manually in Flow, upload files and get a download link to the results, but can't get it to work as an app


Any ideas to what this can be?

1 reply

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It seems we may have found the answer to the above problem. It appears to have been a bugfix between Flow 2023.1.1.1 (the version we have installed) and 2023.2.1 that fixes the problem.


We have tested and confirmed that the workspace will publish as a workspace app in Flow 2023.2.1.