Is there a way to remove 'optional' text for non-required parameters in a Flow app?

  • 29 November 2023
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Hi all,


Is there a way to remove the word '(optional)' when generating a Flow App?

I find unnecessary text too noisy for the user...they don't need to see the text (optional) on the app. Be good if there was an option to turn this prompt off??




2 replies

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Hi tdun, I think 'optional' are user parameters configured in Workbench without the "Required"parameter_required_tick_boxIn terms of a workspace/server app, this optional in brackets appears hardcoded for not required user parameters.


An idea would be to add an option to remove the (optional) alias workspace_server_app_show_parameters

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Mmm, yeah this would be a nice feature I think.


Althought instead it might be nice to include a little red '*' for required parameters like you see with most other forms on websites