FME Server New User with Basic fmeuser Role seeing Admin Folders

  • 20 October 2023
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I have added a new team member into FME Server, with fmeuser role. Basically this user only care read and Run workspaces under Parks repository so in FME Server under  Repositories slide-down I set this configuration

imagebut when I checked the user in the Server end point I am seeing this:

imageAs you can see two Samples and Tools repositories also listed there! When I check back in Server side, looks like there are some circled-checks on read and run options for these two!


imageNow can you guys pleas let ne know how I can force this user to ONLY have access into Parks repository using the fmeuser role.



1 reply


The samples and tools repository come by default with the "fmeuser" role. If you would like to limit this access further, I would advise you to un-assign the "fmeuser" role from the user and then create a new role and provide granular access on that role for the repository the user should have access to.