Hi FME Team. I am using the same login and password for connecting to PostSQL database to complete the training module, and I keep getting connecting errors every time I try to run sample data, do you know how to remove that error?

  • 22 January 2024
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PostgreSQL database login details


Port: 5432

Dbname: fmedata


password: fmedata (not sure if it is that password) (getting ***)



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I've just checked and the database is working for me, so it's not down (at least not right now). It's likely there's a firewall preventing you access. Which errors specifically are you getting?

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I can also confirm the connection using those details - I used PGAdmin to connect


Hello @benjaminj​, I can also confirm I can access the database right now. As @Hans van der Maarel​ said, it's most likely a firewall or other network issue preventing access. I'd contact your IT department or review your firewall settings. If you are using a VPN, I'd recommend trying to connect without a VPN as well; that is sometimes the culprit.