Is there a way to add Azure Blob Storage web connections in FME Cloud?

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi folks,


My FME workspace reads data from Azure Blob Storage. I'd like to run it in FME Cloud, but the account/password credentials do not get published to the server.

I am able to replace the SourceDataset user parameter with a custom string containing embedded credentials ("fme://safe.azurestorage....") then run the workspace successfully, but this solution has some maintenance issues (not scalable, and would need to be applied to every workspace).


I was hoping that I could create a Web Connection for Azure Blob Storage in FME Cloud, but it looks like I can only create an S3 bucket web resource:


imageI also cannot add a new web connection:


imageCan anyone help solve this issue?



1 reply

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Hi @tim.rastall1​ ,


In FME Desktop, you can publish the web connection to FME Cloud. When you publish a workspace from FME Desktop to your FME Cloud, you can choose to select the Web Connection and upload it directly to your FME Cloud. Then, the web connection can be shared in many workspaces. More information on Web Connections and FME Server/ Cloud can be found here.2022-06-20_09-37-34