How to adapt "Easy Translator" code after copying its workspace to my cloud

  • 2 August 2020
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has "Easy Translator" example with its code.


I copied its workspace and want to publish it into my cloud and want to adapt the javascript example code accordingly.


I request to get hints in order to understand what are the relevant pieces in the code that I have to adapt and how to adapt them.


This will enable me to run any of my workspaces by javascript after I had uploaded them to my cloud.


Help will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. - important

Now I think maybe Upload File In Session is more suitable to adapt for my needs. If it's right, then I'll appreciate help in adapting it.



3 replies

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Not quite an answer to your question (javascript scares me), but hopefully it's useful:

If you have the appropriate security settings on your account you'll see an "Advanced" option in the Run Workspace screen. From there you can access the Webhook option. That will allow you to run a workspace on FME Cloud without having to log in. In the URL you'll also see the user parameters of the workspace.

Thanks, I'll try to learn and understand using Webhook.

  1. Only am I right that Webhook could be used only to retrieve result that has been obtained before?
  2. Please pay attention to the "P.S." I've added at the end of my queestion. Makes things more simple? I'm trying now to learn this option


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In order to help us help you, could you outline the steps you would want the user to go through? Maybe javascript isn't even necessary at all.

I'd also advise you to take a look at the recorded FME Server training courses: (it still says 2019, there's no 2020 course material yet)

Also, in order to maintain the thread of discussion, it's not advisable to edit your original question if there's already been responses to it.