Has anyone used the Amazon Kinesis Sender/Receiver?

  • 21 December 2016
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We are exploring real-time messaging capabilities of Apache Kafka on Heroku and came across the Amazon Kinesis Sender / Receiver. Does anyone have use cases for city data that they have used this service on? Work or asset management, or AVL / fleet?

2 replies

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Judging from its popularity (#475 out of 474!!!) I'm guessing it hasn't had a lot of use. Would love feedback on this bad boy...

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Apache Kafka has a native ability to load data into Vertica using micro-batching. Micro-batching into Vertica is way more performant than connecting to Vertica using an FME JDBC connector. Were a Kafka Sender/Receiver connector available in FME we would have an architecture that would let us marry the real-time geo-event hub capabilities of Kafka with the big-data analytics capabilities of Vertica.