featureWriter returns different output structure in FME Cloud

  • 21 January 2022
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Hello. my script in Workbench provides nicely zipped result from FeatureWriter.

one excel sheet and one shapefile, named using User Parameter ("someID") resbench 

When I publish this to FME Cloud, the structure of resulting zipped is completely mangled, and the user attribute value is not provided to the final file names (SomeID is fallback default value)

(picture shows the flat view, each zip is in one of those folders) 


Can this be fixed so the result output of Cloud workflow has the same structure as the Workbench result? workbench 

if I set the publish parameters in following way, the final zip file contains only one of the result files, either SHP or XLS publish par 



2 replies

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You could try and write the shape and excel files first to a temp location and ​use a filecopy writer to zip them up once they have both finished writing?

Thanks for the idea, that might be a solution.

is there any example online which you could point me at?

i know about $(FME_SHAREDRESOURCE_TEMP) but im afraid i dont know how to use it.

i guess i need to point existing featurewriters to this location and then once its complete, connect their summary ports to this filecopy writer?