Custom Page for Flow Hosted instance is currently unavailable

  • 11 June 2024
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I have two questions about hosting on the FME Flow Hosted Service

The first is, when the Cloud Flow is offline, is it possible to show another page or change the standard offline page?

I am trying to save some costs to run the Cloud instance for only certain hours, and it would be nice to give users feedback, which informs them of the times the service is live.

The second is,

how can I use my own domain for the Flow Cloud Hosting?

I would like to change it for pure simplicity and because it avoids confusion to users who don't know what fme is. 

Is there simple ways to change these two things, any help would appreciated, or links on how to achieve this.



2 replies

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For the first one I don't think you have that option. Since the virtual machine is off it obviously can't show any page that's on that machine so Safe is showing this generic page.


Regarding the second one, you can probably add a subdomain to your own domain and then have the DNS point to that cloud instance. E.g. would point to

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Thanks redgeographics

Maybe another solution would be to embed the fme cloud app in a website as an iframe, and then control the visibility from there? Will give it a try.