Uninstallation process takes an unusually long time (tested with FME Form and Flow 2023.1.2)

  • 15 April 2024
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Uninstalling FME Form (and FME Flow) takes an unusually long time. We’re talking about 15+ Minutes on a powerful desktop PC (i9-10900k @ 3,70 GHz, 32GB RAM, fast SSDs). This is somewhat annoying, as there is still no way to update the program “in place”. Tested with FME Form and Flow 2023.1.2 Build 23641. I wonder what could be the reason? Maybe some kind of Windows real-time protection? Changing the Windows security settings is not an option as these are dictated by the IT department.


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3 replies

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Hi @mskg


One thing you could try to alleviate some of the manual process of uninstalling FME Form is to use a silent installation via the command line. In general, I’ve found that an uninstall process using the silent uninstall method is quicker than using the FME Form Uninstall Wizard. One thing to keep in mind is you would need permissions to run the command prompt as a administrator to do so.

For instructions on how to uninstall FME Form from the command line, take a look at my comment at the bottom of the following article:


Hope this helps!



Thank you for your suggestion, @danminneyatsaf. So to uninstall F;E Form 2024, for example, I will have to execute the following command:

msiexec /x "C:\FME\FMEForm-24202-win-x64-Installation-Files\fme-form.msi"

in a command prompt with with administrator privileges.

In the comments of the linked support article you mentioned another way of doing it:

wmic product where name="FME Form 2024.0.1 (Build 24202 - win64)" call uninstall

I think the first command should be the preferred one?

Nonetheless, I think that this issue should be addressed. For my less tech-savvy colleagues, uninstalling via the command line is not really a viable solution.

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@mskg either command should suffice, although I’ve only tested the second one. I would expect your performance results to be the same.

We currently have a enhancement request ticket open tracking the requests for a quicker installer / uninstaller and recognize that this is somewhere we could be doing better. There’s a number of different factors here such as the number of files we include with our installation (which then need to be installed), as well as the type of installation files we use.

I’ve mentioned your interest on the enhancement request ticket to help give this issue some push forward & we’ll make sure to keep you update if any changes do come about.