FME Flow 2024.0 Remove Default Que from Standard Engine

  • 25 March 2024
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FME Flow 2024.0, we have engines distributed on different boxes.   I would like to remove the Default Queue on Engines on a specific  box.  I did this with FME Server 2022 using Engine assignment rules., but I am o seeing a way to do this with FME Form 2024.0.  There is no existing record for Default under Engine Assignment rules.  Any thoughts ?  


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2 replies

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Hi @mferwerda3 !


Thank you for your post!

You can still do this on FME Flow 2024 using Engine Assignment Rules it is just a bit different since the Default queue doesn’t show up automatically there.  

If the current Default Queue is using Engines A and B (just as a hypothetical of course) and you want to change that to Engines C and D, you would want to do the following:

  • Go Engine Management > Engine Assignment Rules
  • Create a new assignment rule (can call it whatever you want - e.g. Default)
  • Change the ‘Type’ to Name
  • Select the engines you want to have assigned
  • Select the appropriate Queue (in this case, we want the Default queue)
  • Click OK to save that engine assignment rule

In addition to specifying exactly which engines to use for that queue, you will likely need to reassign the existing engines (A and B in the above example) to another queue.  This can be done using the same steps as above, just with selecting a different queue (or creating one first if necessary).

I hope this helps clarify things, but please let me know if you have further questions and I’d be happy to help!



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Yes, that works great, thanks.