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  • 23 May 2024
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I’m trying to load a csv that is saved in sharepoint.  I want to convert this to Excel as well as process the data and export to other formats.  I can access the data in a browser.  Nothing is returned by the httpCaller or the SharePointOnlineConnector.

7 replies

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It should be possible to connect directly to the file on SharePoint via a FeatureReader:

If you want to use the SharePointOnlineConnector, you will first need to locate the file using a SharePointOnlineConnector (list) then download the file using a second SharePointOnlineConnector and then read the file using a (Feature)Reader.

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Thanks for your help.

I get the following error messages:

Excel Reader: Failed to open the dataset 'C:\Users\NAhrens\AppData\Local\Temp\wbrun_1716474250364_7440\fmetmp_a\TempFS_1716493817189_744\s\zcJUC82D3gCM0VJSnynrF'.  Error message was 'It is not a xlsx file. Use the xlCreateBook() for a xls file.'
Failed to obtain any schemas from reader 'XLSXR' from 1 datasets. This may be due to invalid datasets or format accessibility issues due to licensing, dependencies, or module loading. See logfile for more information

Here is what I entered into the featureReader.  The url comes from an email link.


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Ah sorry, does it work for you when selecting “CSV (Comma Separated Value)” in the Format field?

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Hi @nea: I’ve opened up a support ticket for you and will try reproducing it in our environment and respond back to you here and via the support ticket as soon as possible.

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Where have you copied that url from?

Mimecast is an email security suite that acts as a buffer/check for urls that come through email. Thats likely causing issues with the reader as its not a sharepoint url.

Load up that url in the browser and then try using the sharepoint link you get redirected to

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Thanks, everyone for your responses.

Hkingsbury - I believe you are correct about mimecast.  When I saw that in the url i thought that might be a part of why the sharepoint reader didn’t work.  Unfortunately, now we are experiencing problems with sharepoint and cannot even access the data.  Also, another email security platform, Darktrace, has been added to the system.  This has blocked some emails with embedded links.   IT is working on these issues so until the system becomes more stable I’m going to have to put off any more troubleshooting with the sharepoint reader.  Thanks again for your help.


nampreetatsafe - great to talk with you and thanks for setting up a support ticket concerning this.  I hope to have IT issues (mentioned above) resolved by early next week. 



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If you have a SharePoint, probably you could synchronized the folders with onedrive to have a shortcut on your desktop. Is there a workaround you could try ?