IFC3DObject Transformation from Local to X,Y,Z!

  • 13 June 2024
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Hello FME members,

I have an IFC file with no coordinate information in the site feature.

it is a 3dObject of a parcel that is supposed to represent the surface - but it is just a (3dObject) flat surface with an extrusion of 1]

What I have done: 

I have at least 4 coordinates to transform, I tried to use:

the 3daffinewarper, but the transformer showed me an 
error [because the transformation from 0,0,0 to x,x,444.1 is coplanar - and I only have 4 known points that went from z:1 to z:443] (I also tried 0,0,1 to x,x,444.1, but it didn't work) 
so I used the affinewraper to send the surface to the correct coordinate system)
that worked!
i need to know how to get the 3d object to the correct z value to display the surface (3d object) at the correct height.

I hope someone can help me.

Greetings Michael



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1 reply

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Got the Answer by myself one day later.The offsetter did the job. 😅


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