I am working on a large-scale data conversion process taking data from Bentley DGN files to Esri geodatabase format to be used in a variety of web applications. Looking for resources on best practices in geometry type handling and automation - thanks

  • 13 September 2023
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The end product is intended for viewing only so ancillary staff can see and drill down to certain engineering levels without having to download or know how to use engineering software like Bentley or CAD.


I have an FME pipeline built already so am going back thru and optimizing. looking for others who maybe have completed a similar workflow to compare notes with. What worked \\ what hasn't etc.


Some notes - Client does not have ItemTypes set up so am not working with much attribute info. I am expanding cells to extract constituent geometry. Interested also in methods to handle 3d Geometry.


We are also interested in utilizing FME Server to potentially automate as new files are added to a directory.


Please feel free to direct message.


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Hi @willhwilson​: though I'm not a CAD expert, I'm hoping some of the resources listed in here will help: Working with CAD Data and FME. This page includes links to CAD to GIS resources.

If you're looking to leverage FME Flow (formerly FME Server), check out this blog and linked resources that covers CAD Validation solution using FME Flow. This article walks through triggering a job via a directory watch with FME Flow.

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I have not had much luck at all with this conversion. Reading the features is not much of an issue. the real problem is determining projection of original data. next to if not impossible. The only method i have come up with is to use a pathname reader, get a list of all files, then append a correct projection to each row. then begin the read process and assign the projection to each file as it is read. (as a parameter)