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  • 27 February 2024
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Hi All,


I had a case with FME flow where I could create automations and run them, but received an error when trying to turn them off :


We fixed the issue by updating the JDBC drivers and everything worked fine.

I then moved to a different environment (production) and assume that this fix had been applied but it hadn’t. I created an automation and then could not turn it off, so I deleted it.

When I look at the automations page I can see that there are no automations, but the one I setup and deleted is still running jobs on its scheduled interval (every 10 minutes). I had to delete the workspaces from FME flow to avoid these from running.


Does anyone know if I can go into the FME SQL Database and delete the automation from one of the tables? I don't know if there is any dependencies on Primary/Foreign keys and don’t want to corrupt any tables. If this is possible could you please advise the table as I don’t have access to view these and our IT team will want to know exactly what to delete - This is assuming the ‘Ghost’ Automation is still in the FME database which I suspect it is.


Many thanks,



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4 replies

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Yes, you could go into the DB to try and fix it, should you? Probably not.

I’ve done stuff in much older versions of Flow/Server (back when much of the config was still in config files) but would be hesitant to touch too much in the DB now.

I do note in your other post @siennaatsafe suggested you make a ticket, I’d go through that as ask if Safe are able to specifically tell you what needs to be removed from where (if that can resolve it that is). In the newer versions i’d imagine there are a number of relationships that you could risk breaking if somethings not quite right...

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Having said all of that, as I clicked send I wondered if maybe you could force a delete by going directly via the API.

Assuming that you’re using a newer version of Flow, you might need to try both V3 and V4 of the APIs

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Thanks @hkingsbury ,

I did something similar a few years ago under the guidance of our reseller, and re-call the SQL having quite a few joins in it. Something probably best left to the experts!


I’ll try approaching SAFE :)


Many thanks,



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@hkingsbury Excellent idea!

I’ll give it a crack tomorrow and keep you posted!!