MS SQL Login Timeout Parameter?

  • 13 November 2023
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QUESTION: Is there anyway to adjust the login timeout for MS SQL connections?


Periodically, I've been logging an error from the SQLExecutor transformer which appears to be related to timeout issues when connecting to a MS SQL database. The error below seems to occur at random and is hard to replicate on demand.


'Provider error (-247467259) Unable to complete login process due to delay in opening server connection'


I suspect that the connection, periodically, is talking longer then the timeout configured in FME. I know of the 'Command Timeout' parameter but as I understand it this is only applicable to the query length timeout, not the login connection timeout


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UPDATE: the timeout the error was alluding to was not within FME's configuration, but rather within MS SQL's. Bumping the "Remote Login Timeout" in the Server Properties within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio from 15sec to 30sec resolved the issue.