Dynamic Schema - wrong attribute order

  • 9 February 2024
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I have a gdb with pleanty feature classes with unique schema and I use SchemaScanner and Dynamic gdb to save the layers. Feature layers saved in the gdb have correct schema but the order of the columns is wrong, it looks like the new feature layers have the columns ordered alfabeticaly 


4 replies

Just to be sure, you read from gdb and you write to gdb? Why not use the FeatureReader and it’s Schema Feature? Because then the attribute order is kept original.

I can confirm the SchemaScanner does output the attribute order alphabetically.

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FeatureReader does not read the attributes that I have to change 


It does, but they are unexposed. Select a feature and see the Feature Information Window. You can expose unexposed attributes with an AttributeExposer. With FeatureCaching you now can easily import them from feature cache.

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When I do that I get 

Esri Geodatabase Writer: Feature Type Definition '' was requested, but not defined. Please visit

GEODATABASE_FILE writer: An error has occurred. Check the logfile above for details