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  • 10 June 2024
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I have Here Maps Data in XML format. I want to extract the data to CSV in FME. If I am directly adding XML there are issues in reading the file. Currently I am using an XML Flattener tool built using python. Is there any option in FME to do this?

3 replies

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Can you provide some sample data?

Can you show us what you have already tried?

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Find the sample data

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Thank you for the sample data.

In this data set all attributes of one object (a 'Place’) are combined in in one text line. It is quite easy to access the data using the XMLFlattener transformer. You will have to process the results further, by exposing and optionally renaming the relevant attributes.

(Note: The rejected features are <Placelist> and </Placelist>, these contain no relevant data in this approach).