How can we access AWS secret keys for connecting to database in FME workbench?

  • 12 September 2023
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I don't want to make database connection by giving hardcoded values instead I want to use the secret keys from secret manager. is there any way to implement this in FME ?

2 replies

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Hi there,

You will need to connect to AWS via a "web connection". Once you have this configured/authenticated, drop a S3Connector transformer onto the canvas and tell it to use web connection


thanks j.botterill for quick response, so for example in my workspace I need to connect POSTGIS database for writing the table in target database (i.e. PostGIS db) and after connecting to PostGIS db I need to select particular schema for writing the table for that I need to connect the database but not through usual database connection we are using in FME, I need to use secret values for connecting the database. As per your suggestion I need to make web connection first & then need to use S3 connector transformer but in S3 connector can we select schema that we are generally doing in normal database connection in FME.