Remove Geospatial PDF White Collar

  • 15 June 2024
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Is there a way to specify removal of “white collar” areas in Adobe Geospatial PDF outputs? I don’t see any options in the Page Size parameters to restrict the output to be just the extents of the Reader-specified image source.


Best answer by debbiatsafe 18 June 2024, 22:19

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Hello @rudystricklan1 ,

If the pdf_frame_rectangle format attribute isn’t set on the features, the PDF writer will center incoming features and leave a buffer of white space around them.

You can use the PDFPageFormatter to create a frame that covers the entire PDF page. If the extents of the raster and the output PDF page size are different, there will be white spaces when the raster’s aspect ratio is maintained. You can choose to not maintain the aspect ratio for the frame and the raster will be stretched to eliminate the white spaces.

If you want to maintain aspect ratio and do not mind a custom PDF page size in the output, you can use the raster’s column and row property to set the PDF page size and frame. This ensures there is no white space in the output PDF while the raster’s aspect ratio is maintained.

Attached is an example workspace that demonstrates both these approaches, and I hope it helps.

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Debbie, thank you very much. Very detailed solution, and the fmwt file inclusion made it very clear.

BTW, if you run into Dale Lutz, please tell him that you are an FME technical support star! Say to Dale that this is a personal recommendation from a longtime acquaintance, Rudy Strlcklan in Arizona. 😀