What do I do when the Backup_Configuration schedule is missing from my express installation?

  • 1 December 2023
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I performed the express install of FME Flow 2023. Then I restored a backup from FME Server 2021. I do not see the backup schedule promised at Did my restore over write it? How can I automate a backup of FME Flow?

3 replies

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By default, the configuration file is saved to the "Backup" folder of the shared resources and the date and time of the backup are appended to the filename if you select Yes to the user paramater.

Do you have a copy of the BackupConfiguration.fmw?

  1. You'll need to publish it to Repository = Utilities and enter the server username/password (admin or superuser)
  2. Go to Schedules in the FME flow UI
  3. Create a new one, as Daily (sometime in the night)


I do not have a copy of the BackupConfiguration.fmw. If I only need to publish this workbench, then were can I go to get it?

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Hmm did you look in the Utilities repository (under workspaces of the UI)

When you did the restore, they may have been an option to NOT overwrite existing items (I.e the respotories that come with the install = samples, dashboard, utilities)


If you still can’t locate the fmw, you could reach out to your local reseller that provided you with licenses, specify the 23.1version

Otherwise you could also install fme server/flow on your local machine and create a project selecting the above repos, export a fsconfig file and import it to the make installation you have