Differentiating the look and feel of FME Flow for different environments (DTAP)

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Yeah, this was an old wish, to be able to easily see the difference between the FME Flows on the tabs in a browser when multiple FME Flow servers are running, e.g. for development, testing, acceptance and production (DTAP).
We took it even one step further - see image below
Two simple changes: a different color for the icon on the tab and for the bar on the left hand side.
  • to modify the icon you will need to have access to:
The (one?) good thing about the new FME Flow logo is that it is monochrome, so it is easy to modify favicon-fme-flow.svg (with an SVG editor, for example Inkscape) to set a different color.
  • to modify the color of the sidebar you will have to edit
Search in this minified CSS file for
respectively and change the color #2C2C2B in both cases to the color of your choice, e.g. #D69E00, the same color you used for the icon in favicon-fme-flow.svg.
Repeat these steps for each environment, of course using different colors, and - yee-haw! - you will be able to easily switch in your browser between your different FME Flows.
What do you think?
Different colors!


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I like it!