Connectivity issue between FME Flow and FME form 2024

  • 18 March 2024
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We have recently installed FME Flow and FME form 2024, while trying to publish fme workspace, connection get established but after closing and opening FME Form again it failed to connect to FME Flow. Is there restriction from license side or some hanging connection issue which is not closed after first connection, I tried restarting application and even serve but it didn’t help . I have attached screenshot.

1 reply

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Hi @pradeepkumawat

If FME Form is failing to connect: please see


If it’s very slow to connect: 

Did you have an older version of FME Form installed previously that was able to connect ok?

If possible, check with other users and see if they’re experiencing the same behavior from their machines.

If your machine is configured to use a proxy, ensure that the proxy has been configured in FME Form.  

You may need to whitelist the URLs below. FME Form attempts to connect to these in the background and may delay the connection to FME Flow.

If FME Form is installed on the FME Flow server, try connecting from Form on the server and see if it makes a difference.

Beyond this, you may need to work with a network monitoring tool like Fiddler or Wireshark to see where the connection is getting stuck in your network.