• 4 May 2020
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I have a SDE Geodatabase with over 1000 featureclasses. I am wanting to select 30 of these and copy over to a Geodatabase. I am selecting these featureclasses by there name. What transformer do I need ? is it Tester ?

1 reply

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You can use a Tester, but sometimes the FeatureTypeFilter is more suited to the task, although it depends.

You may want to look into the "Feature types to read" parameter of the SDE reader. That will probably be the solution with the best performance, since only the selected feature types are read into FME.

Using a Tester or FeatureTypeFilter, you'll end up reading all the content of all the 1000+ feature classes into FME, only to be letting a small volume through. It's going to be a lot slower.