FME Server and ArcGIS Pro License issue

  • 25 August 2022
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We recently made the switch to ArcGIS Pro and have made a named user account for the Pro license on our FME Server Machine. This has tended to work but sometimes we will get a slew of failed jobs on FME Server because it wasn't able to acquire a license. In the morning, we would log into Pro again and things would be fine after that for awhile. We haven't been able to get a reliable connection to the license. The only hypothesis we have is that up to 2 admins can log into the FME Server machine using the same service account then the same named account for ArcGIS Pro. In the past we never had an issue because we had a concurrent pool but now it seems like we are confusing FME with the named user license and breaking connection between FME and Pro. Has anyone been experiencing this?

3 replies

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[Update] While it is technically possible for FME Server to use ArcGIS Pro, we have been informed by Esri Inc. that the use of ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro in a server context violates Esri's license terms . ArcGIS Enterprise must be installed and licensed on the same machine as the FME Server Engine Service to use the SDE formats in FME Server. For more information please see Using FME Server with ESRI ArcGIS Software.

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richardatsafe can you please provide the specific portion of the ESRI agreement where it states that using ArcGIS Pro on a FME server violates ESRI’s policy? I asked because we had the same issue using the name license for our Fault Tolerant configuration, which consists of two nodes. The problem occurred because an occasional login to ArcGIS Pro is required to keep the license active with an ArcGIS Pro named license; a check to ArcGIS Online is performed to validate the license when the application is logged in/launched by a user. When the software is placed on FME server, the application is not launched so no validation check is performed; eventually, ArcGIS Pro no longer appears to be licensed. ESRI suggested using a pro single use advance license which resolved our issue. Previously, the ESRI license violation occurred when ArcGIS Pro was used with FME server with an ArcGIS Pro basic named license. If there have been changes with the ESRI license, we want to make sure that we remain in compliance with ESRI’s policies.