Error 126: The specified module could not be found

  • 21 November 2023
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I am trying to install FME Flow 20.23.1 on a local MS Windows 2022 Server. I am using / trying to use the silent installer. The command that runs successfully is shown below. The install.logs shows no errors and end with message: "Installation completed successfully"


I have an external Tomcat instance btw.


I can successfully start the FME Server by using the bat file startCore.bat. After I use this bat file, I can go to http://localhost:8080/fmeserver/ and I can login with admin / admin. Everything looks fine.


When I try to start FME Server using the MS Window service created by the installer, it fails with message Error 126: The specified module could not be found


I think the service fails fairly quickly in the sense that no real FME processes are started and there is nothing in the log files.


It this is a known issue with running FME Flow on MS Windows 2022 server? I checked the documentation but there doesn't seem to be specific requirements mentioned for running FME Flow on MS Windows 2022.


What am I missing here?


C:\\vagrant\\tmp\\fme-flow-2023.1.1-b23631-win-x64\\fme-flow.msi INSTALLDIR="D:\\apps\\FME\\Flow" ADDLOCAL=FMEServerCore,Services /qb /l*v "D:\\Apps\\FME\\logs\\install.log" FMESERVERSHAREDDATA="\\\\\\fme-share" FMESERVERUSER="" FMESERVERUSERPASSWORD=Supersecret! DATABASETYPE=PostGreSQL DATABASEPORT=5432 DATABASEUSER=fmeserver DATABASEPASSWORD=secret DATABASECONNECTIONSTRING="jdbc:postgresql://" SERVLETTYPE=Apache SERVLETPORT=8080 WEBAPPSDIR="D:\\Apps\\tomcat\\webapps" SHAREDTOMCATLIB="D:\\Apps\\tomcat\\lib" WEBSERVERHOSTNAME="localhost" FMESERVERHOSTNAME="" NODENAME="" FIRSTLOGINCHANGEPASSWORD=false


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Hi @onknows​ 

Thank you for your post!

When looking at the Services, do you see the FME-related services listed there, or are they not showing at all?

If possible, can you create a support case, and provide the installation logs, as well as a screenshot of the error displayed, and if you are using any special characters in the username/password that might be causing issues.



I created a support case see

This root cause of this issue was FME using the wrong Java. On my VM another JDK was installed and for some reason FME starts using that rather than the embedded jre. By adding environment JAVA_HOME and updating PATH with %JAVA_HOME%/bin I fixed this issue.