Procéder au renommage simultané de l'ensemble des colonnes

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Context : FME 2024.0.3, Windows 11

I'm currently working on a project with source data and files “.shp” files within it. Each of these files has several columns, one of which is called “IdGen”. Only this column is not written in the same way according to the “.shp” file, example: IDgen, idgen, IDGEN, idGen……

To insert it into our GIS, I would like to know if there was a way to change, at once and with a single transformer, all the columns having “idgen” regardless of how it is written to “ IdGen” as I wish ? All this with the aim that my FME project can work automatically during the next updates without having to use AttributeManager behind each of the files…

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You can use the BulkAttributeRenamer to change IDgen, idgen, IDGEN, idGen…… all to the same value (e.g. IDGEN), followed by an AttributeManager to rename this attribute to IdGen.

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My colleague had tried this solution after I suggested it to her (obtained thanks to the advice of my trainer), but it does not seem to work, we will look into the case again so that this solution works because it is definitely the right one in view of the two answers we obtained on this question.

Thanks for the help !

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Strange, it should work (at least in 'All Attributes’ mode):