Marking Elements not writen by AIXM writer since version 2019

  • 26 March 2024
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Attached are simple FME-Workspaces from version 2017 and FME-Form with GeometryPropertySetters and Aggregators and the xml outputs. The 2 workspaces are exactly the same.

FME 2017 writes the aixm Marking Element Geometry as expected, but FME-Form does not - the MarkingElement Geometry Feature is missing (Workaround is to use XML-Templater).

Any idea, is this a bug?


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4 replies

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Hello @dimperi, thanks for posting to the community and providing the supporting files! I’ve gone ahead and filed an issue with development, I believe this is a bug in the AIXM5 writer. Moving forward we can refer to this issue as FMEENGINE-82337. Are you able to use the XMLTemplater workaround for the time being? Happy to help, Kailin.


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Yes, XML-Templater worked fine in my case. Txs.

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Hello @dimperi, thank you for your patience. After some further investigation, this turned out be expected behavior. If we change the “Aggregate Type” to “Heterogenous” in the Aggregator, within the “create ElevatedSurface Geometry” bookmark, we will see MarkingElement written to the AIXM output. When the Aggregator is in “homogenous (if possible)” mode, features are aggregated as a MultiArea, opposed to an FME Aggregate. When FME maps to the AIXM schema, there are two viable options for storing MarkingElement in RunwayMarkingTimeSlice, either as a multi-geometry or aggregate. This means, when a MultiArea feature is sent to the writer, the writer does not recognize it (eg. It is not looking for a MultiArea, so it can't find and will overlook any MarkingElement element geometries). I think this is a result of how we are attempting to represent multiple geometries in the FME features that are currently only designed to hold a single geometry. Please let me know if this makes sense and if you were able to write MarkingElement after making the change. Happy to help, Kailin.

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MarkingElements are written after the change of the “Aggregate Type” to “Heterogenous”.