I want to count the number of ships in a port/harbour using FME.

  • 12 December 2017
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Hello, I had written some scripts on other platforms and ships count is one of them now I want to replicate that using FME but I have just started learning FME and due to lack of time I have to move faster so If you have the suggestion please reply to this question.

4 replies

I was working with Google Earth Engine and there I had written a script to detect the ships on the particular port and now I want to replicate that using FME.


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Hi, that sounds interesting but you're going to have to give us a little more to go on. "Ships on a port", where are you getting the ship data from, via an API like What determines whether it's "on the port" or not on it, proximity to a specific bouy perhaps? Or maybe, it's inside a specific zone that identifies the port?

Provide a bit more detail and I'm sure "your ship will come in"...

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Hi @parthmandaliya0, Since I was chatting with you earlier today I wanted to chime. Your source data is raster from what I understand coming from LandSat/Sentinel on AWS. So to confirm, you are trying to attempt to identify the number of ships in satellite imagery using FME?
Yes, @SteveAtSafe. You are right I want to count the number of ships on the particularly given port and my data is coming from Landsat on AWS.