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  • 24 August 2017
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I believe that the FME Knowledge Center has grown into a great FME community! It’s the place to ask your FME questions, suggest product improvements, and learn about FME through articles and discussions. Many Safe Software staff are active contributors in the FME Knowledge Center community, as we recognize the importance of it, along with real-world experts. The Knowledge Center community is awesome as it allows all users to benefit from tips, advice, discussion, and suggested product enhancements.

As we want the FME community to continue to grow and remain healthy, we are implementing a FME Community Champions trial. Community Champions are real-world FME experts who help improve the FME Knowledge Center through volunteer moderation. They help to mark questions with correct answers, assist with tagging, bring unanswered questions and bugs to the attention of us at Safe, and more through the use of moderation privileges.

The following people were chosen for the Community Champions trial because they are top contributors in the FME Knowledge Center and are constantly answering questions, sharing tips and ideas, and welcoming new members. Please welcome our FME Community Champions: @takashi, @david_r and @redgeographics.

Takashi Iijima from Pragmatica

David Reksten from INSER SA

Hans van der Maarel from Red Geographics

As the FME Community Champions program is in its trial phase, please watch out for the opportunity to nominate additional Community Champions. I look forward to the growth of the program and improvements added to the FME community! And do check out our blog post about the program.

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