Consume FME Apps using token

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In production environment i have FME Server  that has a SAML Configuration and it works fine

I created an APP in FME.

This app need to be under authentication and i set the users in the configuration. The problem is that this APP is included in sharepoint page using IFRAME. The users are authenticated in Sharepoint but when they  access to the page that contains the FME App, the app shows the login page. If the users click on SAML Auth button, the IFRAME try to show the provider's sign-in page that is not setted to be included in IFRAME and so it doesnt’ work.

So to solve this problem, i tried to create a token and tried to call the app in IFRAME passing the token in the query string. But it doesn’t work.

So the question is: there is a way to display an APP using token instead of user credential?

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