Blocked from connecting to ArcGIS Online services

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Unable to connect to ArcGIS Online services through FME Form. 

This issue began at approximately 4pm AEST on 5th June 24. No connection issues were apparent earlier in the day. Can anyone suggest a solution to this? I’m unable to add a new connection or use an existing.

Wondering if this is an FME or ESRI issue?

Updating access token for 'BCT Enterprise'
JSON Error: Access to this application has been blocked. Please contact your administrator to allow access to this app.
Unable to update access token for 'BCT Enterprise'
Python Exception <FMEWSException>: Type: 4, Number: 1, Message: Failed to get authorization query string.
An error has occurred. Check the logfile above for details

Many thanks

FME version 2023.2.2.0

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Hi, @oscarw.

Thank you for posting. After reviewing the error message, it appears that the issue could be due to either an expired token or a change on the ArcGIS Online side that is preventing FME Form from accessing it. If you haven't already, please take a look at the following article for troubleshooting steps: ArcGIS Online Web Connection Troubleshooting. It might provide some helpful information.

If you're still experiencing difficulties after troubleshooting, please let me know, and I can look into it further.

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Thanks @AliAtSafe. We’ve fortunately now resolved this issue which most probably turned out to be related to a change in our organisational security settings to block external apps. 

The following article helped troubleshoot this and ultimately option 1 provided us with an option to connect to AGOL through FME by setting up our own OAuth 2.0 AGOL connection.

Known Issue: ArcGIS Online connection- unable to set up or previously working connection no longer functional