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  • 17 January 2024
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hello everyone


There are breaks between my ongoing lines. How can I combine them? I tried line combiner and line builder, but the result was unsuccessful.


1 reply

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Hi there!


Few things that come to mind:


You could try and fiddle with the LineExtender. It'll extend existing lines in a direction and after that, you might be able to snap (Snapper / AnchoredSnapper) the endpoints of the lines towards eachother, using the LineExtender to bridge the current gaps. I'm not sure if this would be the best solution in your case though, but it might help you get closer.


Other thing you could try is, if the lines have a certain relation with eachother (by attribute for example), or could be given a certain relation, it might be doable to add a new vertex to one line at the start/end vertex of the one you want to connect with, using the VertexCreator. Set it up to use the coordinates of the start/end point of the line you want to go to, and It'll add a new vertex and line segment in between.

VertexCreator would look something like this:

  • Mode: Insert Point at Index
  • X Value: X Coordinate of the line you want to get to
  • Y Value: Y coordinate of the line you want to get to
  • Z Value: Same, optional of course
  • Index: 0 for start of your line, -1 for end of your line.


Hope this helps!