FME 2023.2.1 Installation on Windows 2012 R2 standard Server

  • 25 January 2024
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Hi there,

I wonder anyone can help me to resolve the issue I am having with FME 2023.2.1 installation on Windows 2012 R 2 Server. I have the following error opening FME.FME 2023.2.1 Error

1 reply

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Hi @pushpa,

Great question! Unfortunately, FME 2023 and newer no longer supports Windows Server 2012 R2 as the operating system has reached the end of its cycle for support with Windows last year.

FME 2022.2 is the last supported version of FME that will work on Windows 2012 R2 that you could install instead from our downloads, or else you’ll need to upgrade your operating system to access FME 2023 and newer.

There’s a bit more information in our article here: FME Platform Technical Specifications.