Triggering an automation when a job has been successfully completed WITH error messages.

  • 11 December 2023
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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a way to trigger an automation once a job has been SUCCESSFULLY completed BUT contains errors. See job 56207 in the attachment as an example. The automation itself should then initiate another job.


So far, I haven't found a successful way to accomplish this seamlessly and efficiently. I've considered monitoring "/FME_SHAREDRESOURCE_LOG/engine/current/jobs" through an automation, but since I want it to automatically start a new job, it creates an infinite loop.


The system events 'Error Message Logged' and 'Warning Message Logged' also do not allow me to trigger a new job via automations based on my conditions.


I'm curious to hear your insights.

1 reply

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It depends on how this job was submitted. If it's by another automation, there's a failure "x" output port of the workspace runner widget. You can then use this to either trigger a notification or a webhook. If the job was submitted by a schedule, the REST or the jobsubmitter web service, then you can also associate a notification with the job that is triggered if the job fails.